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Welcome to CF Roofing Services Ltdwhere we have been building flat roofs across … and the surrounding areas of Essex for over 30 years. If you have a flat roof that is leaking, or you feel is in a state of repair feel free to contact us so that we can have a chat with you over the phone and see if we can diagnose the problem. You can of course send us some pics which would give us a much more in-depth ability to analyse your flat roofing problem and if need be, we can come out and have a look at the problem area in more detail and then provide you with a quote. Do take a look at some of our projects here Flat Roofing Company in Billericay | CF Roofing Services

What Type Of Flat Roof Would You Like Us To Work On

We have worked on many flat roofing projects over the years from garage roofs where we have installed brand new flat roofs in the construction process, we have also carried out many flat roof garage repairs over the years as these often become neglected, however many people store items within their garages these days rather than their car and sometimes if you do not repair your garage roof precious items can be lost forever due to the damp conditions that set in. we always say that its better to repair your flat roof rather than replace it at a later date, so the sooner you ask us to come and have a look the sooner we could save your stored items. In addition to garage roofs, we also build flat roofs onto extensions. So if you are planning an extension to your main property and you are looking for a company to come and build the flat roof, CF Roofing services can do this for you. In addition, we can advise you of the different types of roofing that are available today and advise you on the best solution to suit your budget. Garden Rooms are fast becoming the new feature in people’s gardens and again if you are looking to have a garden room built and you have decided to part build your garden room we can of course come and build the flat roof for you, giving you piece of mind that your flat roofing project will be carried out professionally.

Different Types Of Flat Roofing Surfaces

Felt is still widely usedas the roofing material of choice within the flat roofing industry, however PVC/rubber have become an alternative roof repair and new roof solutions with multiple benefits. Rubber roofing generally is made from upcycling old tyres, making it eco-friendly, but also provides an opportunity for greater sealing ability and durability within the UK climate. In the UK the weather can over time cause problems for your felt roof, with the constant dampness of the winter months then the hot sun in the summer felt roofing will often expand and then crack, which is why they often need replacing as the joints tend to become freed and leave the boarding underneath exposed to the element, so here at CF Roofing Services Ltd we can advise you on the best material to use that will be right for your roofing project.

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