Flat Roof Repairs Rayleigh

Over time flat roofs can become worn out through years of punishment by the British weather. We have damp spells and dry spells. If you have an old covering on your roof the damp weather in the winter can expand the substance and then comes the warm weather in the Spring and Summer and dries out the surfaces quickly, then the surfaces if old can shrink and crack, which will then lead to leaks in your flat roofing. We are CF Roofing Services Ltd and we have been repairing flat roofs in Rayleigh for the past 30 years. We can advise you on the best flat roof repair or advise you if your old roof has perished to the point of no return and perhaps a new flat roof would be a more cost effective solution to you. Or maybe you just have a very old corrugated roof that has been on your garage for years that needs modernising and replacing?

What Material Should You Repair or Replace Your Flat Roof With?

There are many options available to you, felt used to be the main covering of any flat roof and still is used today, however there are newer materials such as PVC roofing and also rubber roofing that can last longer and are much more durable in the UK climate. Rubber roofing is made of rubber or plastic polymers or a combination of both. Materials are eco-friendly, made from recycled tires. Rubber roofing is used to reduce leaking and to produce more impenetrable sealing. Now let’s assume you have an old corrugated garage roof built in the 1960’s and 70’s well rubber can be an ideal replacement that will last. Single-ply synthetic membrane roofing is strong, waterproof, and pliant. Rubber roofing can go where typical asphalt roofing cannot due to its flexible nature.

In addition to being weather resistant and completely waterproof, rubber roofing is also very resistant to thermal shock. If installed properly, rubber roofing shouldn’t crack or become brittle due to hot or cold temperatures. It’s able to withstand hail and other extreme weather conditions and shows very high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, the rays from the sun, and cyclic fatigue, this is why it can be an ideal substance for flat roofing in our harsh UK winters and isn’t susceptible to our UK temperature swings. So if you would like to have a chat with us about carrying out a flat roof repair in Rayleigh using this material feel free to contact us here and we can provide you with more information and guidance.

Flat Roofing Projects

As a company we have completed many flat roofing projects.. you can have a flat roof on an extension in your home, a porch, a domestic garage and even on a conservatory .. Do have a look here are some of our recent work.

Do not put off your flat roof repair in Rayleigh as something that could be repaired today may need replacing tomorrow, good maintenance is the key and yes generally flat roofs can last up to 25 years if constructed correctly, however it is always worth looking at the seam’s on a felt roof especially to make sure that it has not come away from the walls or roofing of your building as over time the wind can penetrate these lose areas and aid in the felts removal further. You are much better off giving us a call so we can help and advise you on how to repair your flat roof in Rayleigh before you get to the replacement stage.

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