Flat Roof Repairs Benfleet

Are you searching for someone to repair your flat roof in Benfleet? Have you discovered a leak or perhaps you have been considering having a roof replaced or repaired for a while now, putting it off year on year and have now decided it is time to get this done? The sooner you get your building water tight the better it will be for the structure. CF Roofing Services have been specialists in flat roof construction and flat roof repairs in Benfleet for over 20 years, working in the domestic and commercial roofing sector and have been repairing flat roofs in Benfleet over this time.

So What Is The Best Material For Your Flat Roof Repair in Benfleet

As a company our experience means we can advise you the best options to provide longevity for your roof. It may be you are looking for a garage roof repair, a porch roof replacement or maybe you need a roofing company to construct the flat roof for your new extension that is being built. The good thing is you have many options as there are many different flat roofing constructions and techniques available to you today from your traditional felt roof and PVC rubber roofing systems. We can advise you of the best material to suit your budget and building. If you’re having an extension built then you will certainly need a sturdy flat roof that will stand the test of time, if you are repairing a garage roof that you only use to store the household junk in then we understand that you would want a more cost effective option such as traditional felt roof. Do have a look at some of our work here.

We are often asked what is better ? Felt or rubber roofing? Rubber roofing is considered a far superior product than traditional felt as there are more benefits to rubber roofing such as its durability, its waterproofing qualities and its reactions to the changes in the English weather which means it is less likely to blister, tear or rot over time, but once again we understand that it all comes down to budget.

Do you need New Guttering, Facias or Soffits?

We can also help you with your guttering, soffits and facias whether it be a repair or a replacement. Perhaps you still have the old cement board rather than UPVC so if you are looking to update this we can also quote you for this work& if you are looking to update your property or outbuildings with cladding we also offer this service so do have a look at our cladding page here.

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Once you have decided you would like to talk to us about your flat roof repair in Benfleet then feel free to call us today so we can listen to your ideas and make suggestions to you of the best course of action, you may call us on 07970 78456 or contact us through the website here.

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